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Footnanny Steamed Spa Pedicure

Footnanny Steamed Spa Pedicure

This is the pedicure, everyone is raving about in Beverly Hills, CA!  The Footnanny founder,... ..


Olive Oil Foot Cream

Story...I love olive oil and it is amazing for our skin!  I am also a... ..


Parsley Sage Soaking Foot Salts

Story...This combination of Essential Oils take me back to my Father's love for his Vegetable... ..


Peppermint Foot Cream

Story...Peppermint Aroma reminds me of my Mother's soothing peppermint stick submerged in her Homemade Tea... ..


Protein Foot and Heel Cream

Story .... My mother used cornstarch as one of her home remedies to cure eczema... ..


Protein Soaking Salts

Story..My Father was the King of Foot Soaking.  When he was in the "dog house"... ..