Rose/Lime Soaking Salts

Story...When Oprah asked for Rose and Lime, of course, I delivered!  Footnanny Rose/Lime Soaking Salts... ..


Protein Soaking Salts

Story..My Father was the King of Foot Soaking.  When he was in the "dog house"... ..


TRUE Green Apple Soaking Salts

Story....When I was a little girl I would go into the Kitchen and help my... ..


Parsley Sage Soaking Foot Salts

Story...This combination of Essential Oils take me back to my Father's love for his Vegetable... ..


Footnanny MAN Soaking Salts

Story...My Dad worked in a factory for over 20 years and stood on his feet... ..


Charcoal Soaking Salts

Story...Well there was not a barbque in our neighborhood unless my Father did all the... ..